Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Squeezing the Tomatoes

The reason this is a bit tragic--and not because of Meijer per se, is that Walmart today DOESN'T go for "good food as the draw" as much. The meat is packaged elsewhere and packed with chemicals, and the bakery is a joke: while a real supermarket makes in-scratch dough, Walmart gets theirs from Canada. The good news is that while Super Kmart is basically dead in the water, Meijer is thriving, and other grocery stores (including H-E-B, even Kroger) are picking up on adding general merchandise. Microfilm courtesy Blinn College

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  1. I have to admit... The Walmart bakery is sad. Picked up a ciabatta(A hard bread) and was soft as a pillow! I think Walmart sometimes is packing pillows into their bakery.